I retired from IBM in the middle of February 2010 after a career in optimization of more than forty years. Over the last few years I have been responsible for two Open Source projects in - Clp and Cbc.

Over those forty years, I worked on many customer projects and have a great deal of experience in making codes run faster on specific models. For Clp and Cbc, this often involved putting undocumented features into the codes. The idea behind Faster Coin is that if I get a small amount of work, then I can still help with Cbc and Clp.

The idea is not to make lots of money, but more to keep mentally active. So if a project is really interesting there might be no charge, while if it has no interest then it would be charged at a high rate - with intermediate rates depending on the interest and the day of the week.

Any money would obviously be welcome to support an expensive habit in doing up houses. "Grumps - this house is broken" as one of my grandchildren said to me.

During the summer months I live in Tuscany on the slopes of the Alpe della Luna at the head of the Tiber Valley, seven kilometres from Sansepolcro, birthplace of Piero della Francesca and also the father of accountancy - Luca Pacioli. The frazione of less than a hundred people has four chapels and one good restaurant. The reverse would be better, but I am not complaining.