If you are thinking about using Cbc or Clp and need advice as to using it or how to make it go faster -

  • Post a question by sending e-mail to or You may well get the answer you need.
  • Send e-mail to Attach a problem and current results and describe your needs. Please compress large files! If it is the first time you have contacted me or if you have not annoyed me previously, I will look at the problem and -
    • If something simple can be done I will tell you what to do (again assuming I have not got fed up with your queries).
    • If it is a few hours work for me and it looks reasonably interesting then I will do a few hours work and give you the results and how much I would charge for source code.
    • If it looks like a reasonable amount of work, I will give a quote and maybe discuss various avenues of exploration.
    If you don't receive an answer in a day or two, I am probably taking a week off.
  • For some applications I may ask for a sequence of problems and maybe different sizes if it looks complex.
  • Any charge may depend on whether you are happy to allow some of the code used to go back to the coin-or community.